Reminder: When you move to Finland, the law requires you to register your new address.

In Finland it is very common to own your house, instead of renting it. Renting however is more popular among city centers, and almost unheard of in the rural areas. If you are moving to Helsinki, you will most likely rent a small apartment first before purchasing one.

Common utilities and how to set them up

- Electricity: You can get your electricity set up usually in advance by contacting your local electricity company.

- Phone: In case you want a landline, you can contact your telephone provider to get one set up for you.

- Internet: Internet connection is often part of the rental agreement and already set up in many houses. Make sure to check first before contacting the ISP.

- Insurance: Most houses require insurance, whether you are renting or owning it. Please contact one of the many insurance companies to get set up with the right plan for your situation.

- Fire alarms: By Finnish law it is mandatory for each residence to have a working fire alarm. If it wasn't working at the time of the fire, the home insurance won't cover the damages.

- Water: Water is usually included in rental agreements. However you should check before hand whether it is included, and if it is charged from you or not. Luckily Finnish water is very clean and can be used for drinking water everywhere.

Common residential conditions

You should always make yourself familiar with the housing regulations of the place your are moving into. These can vary quite a bit from place to place, and includes rules regarding power tool usage, grilling etc.

These are usually common conditions that can be found in many residences.

- Sauna: Many apartment buildings have a common sauna that can be booked in advance. They might also have regular sauna times for men and women. If you want to use the sauna, check the schedule and contact the landlord if you want to book a private time.

-Parking: Parking is usually handled by a private parking place by the apartment building, or getting a parking license that allows parking on the street. Both of these options usually cost some money so make sure to check them out.

- Satellite dishes: Make sure to find out whether your residence requires a permission to install a satellite dish.